Grigoriy Bolotnikov

Born in Moscow 12 July 1971.
Did his military service in 1989-1991.
Graduated from a PT college in 1994.
In 1996 started his dj-ing activities.
1996-97 initiated quite a strange place called the Club "Atos".
In 1997 had his first public performance at Club "Angely".
Summer 1998 together with his brother Anatoly started the summer dance floor of the club called "Park", and in automn of the same year - the club itself.
Since 1998 has been a resident of such clubs as "Park", "Herzen", "Angely".
In 2002 re-opened the Park's summer dance floor.
Since 2002 - a resident of the clubs "Park", "JetSet", "Shambala Bar".
Became a father on 7 November 2003.
Since 2003 has been a resident of the Club "Mix".
Since 2004 - a resident of lub "Fabrika".

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Spring Mix 2008
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Pure Music CD1 - Pure Tech
December 2007
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Pure Music CD2 - Pure Deep
December 2007
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Burn Again CD1
May 2007
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Burn Again CD2
May 2007
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Can I Say 2007
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Anatoliy's Birthday
2007 mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Follow the Moon 2006
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Follow the Sun 2006
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Park Summer 2004
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Promo Mix 2004
mixed by dj Grigoriy

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Where was your very first DJ gig?

In Timur Lansky's club Angels. Do you remember there was one in Mayakovka, opposite Starlight?


It was a very cool place but unfortunately it did not last for very long. That was 1998; I was playing Renaissance, one of the most well listened music styles at that time. I still love it. I have about 1000 records of Renaissance in my collection which I even play sometimes but only at some places and only for my friends (smiling mysteriously). I was actually buying records in Holland that time. It has become a problem now because they don't sell in Holland at the moment the music I play. It's not possible to get more than 2-3 records of such music.

And what exactly did you play in 'Angels', do you remember?

No, can't remember at all. I'm one of those few DJ's who remembers records by its look, not by its name.

How did the crowd on the dance floor in 'Angels' react?

It was a very good fun indeed. There were about 30 friends of mine who came with me as usual. In fact, this was where I got my first $100 for DJing. I still have that money; I put the note under glass and enjoy looking at it occasionally. Lansky wrote down on the note a banal but beautiful phrase: 'Be like an angel'.

How long did it take you to like your own gigs?

I'm still not happy with them.

More or less, I mean.

Well, about 3 years ago, i.e. after 5 years of DJing I started more or less liking them. I just initially had a lack of opportunities to play for audience - that's why it took me that long.

What's the main thing in building up the gig - how well the tunes are mixed?

Yes but not only that for sure. Technical aspect is very important, of course, but no less important is how to select the music, to pick tunes in a way that creates a harmony. You can change and set the speed to whatever you like, it's not that difficult, but to have a harmony in your gig - that's what you have to learn. And any person on the dance floor, even the one who understands none in DJing, will pick up a disharmony if it's there.

You are a self-trained DJ. Tell me what advantages and disadvantages of self-training are.

Disadvantages - you learn quicker at school, you start understanding technical details much quicker, which took me about a year to pick up. As of advantages, in school you are taught by someone. When you're self thought you have no one to rely on but yourself, there is no one to correct you.

So, you have never asked anyone for a professional advice when every second friend of yours is a DJ..?

No one. It's true. I did not feel comfortable to ask and it is because they were my friends.

What's your favourite DJ.

Danny Tinaglia for sure. He is hard techno, real professional but I like him not for that. He perfectly manages to do what I am aim to do - to attract different kind of audience to the dance floor, to play everything from beach house music to hard techno - he is ruled by desire to please everyone. It's very important for a DJ.

What do you listen in your car at the moment?

I don't, to be honest, listen to CD's often but on my way here I was listening to a CD by Kubikov and Sergeev. The disk's made in the memory of Sereja's friend who died last year. I did not know him personally but the music is absolutely genius.

Well, there are some talks that you are writing your own techno music. Why techno?

Because working with techno is easier than with anything else. I've got no experience at all in writing music and I've never asked anyone to help me with that either. Not many people have heard yet what I've done so far. Everything that I would like to make is still in my mind and it's a bit difficult to make it real at the moment. This needs very good technical person, sound engineer who have the technical ability to make all my dreams a reality. Working on the computer looking for some sounds I get destructed easily because I haven't learnt enough about thus equipment. It's quite hard for to concentrate on something particular.

So, how is the progress of your composer creativeness?

It's in embryo stage so far. There is a lot to sort out. My brother and I have bought so much equipment, very new one too so I need a lot of time to mastering.

How long?

About 5 years but the complete product will definitely be out after this time.

You used to spend a lot of time in Italy, you've got now a different schedule

Yes, everything changed since the birth of my son and I like these changes, to be honest. Though I'm planning going back to Italy in April 2005 and will be coming to Moscow or London every weekend.

By the way, regarding tours. You are not playing on tours yet. Why?

Because there is not much of me in the rotation at the moment. There are not as many people who listen to me as I would like. It could be because I'm not after it that much. I've just been DJing for audience for not that long. In about 3-4 years everything will take a different level, you'll see. I've got serious perspectives, I know them, I feel them and move towards them slowly bit by bit. However, I can see my future very clearly.

Isn't you gig in Manchester a tour?

Oh, is it what you are about? Yes, I will remember that for the rest of my life. That was back in 2001. My friend Mark Luvdup did the party. People were having fun on a boat first and then moved to a club. The most difficult thing to me was that I played not just for average people but for professional musicians who came to have fun but who work with the particular kind of music I played. I had been preparing myself for that gig for unreal long time.

Which Moscow clubs are you playing in?

In Mix at the moment. Before it, I was a resident DJ at JetSet, Fabrique and Shambala. Strange places, aren't they?


Although Fabrique has serious potential I think. In Shambala, I had my private parties.

Do you care where to play?

Yes, I do. You don't care where to play when the money issue is bigger than other things. I mean when they offer good money for the gig you can play anywhere. In fact, I enjoy playing for people who understand the music because I mainly play intellectual music.

So, you don't like teaching the audience?

Why? No, all the way around. In Fabrique, for example, I was very seriously preparing people for my music. The crowd is very strange there, not like anywhere else. And as result, in 3 months time people started coming to the club particular to hear my music. I was even told that when I play the crowd gathers on the dance floor instead of the bar and the bar, therefore, doesn't make enough cash. I actually consider this my win not failure.

Where in Moscow is more difficult but interesting to play?

In not familiar places, of course, when you don't know what to expect. Although I always take enough friends with me and records for different audience - from people who really appreciate quality music till those who came just to have fun.

How do you manage to be a father in such busy schedule?

I manage it perfectly but can't wait till my child is grown up and starts playing vinyl.

Are you preparing Makar for DJ carrier?

I won't be insisting but decks are there waiting.

DJ Makar - sounds perfect.

Sure, no need to make up something, the nickname is ready. By the way, do you know that an eleven-year-old guy became a champion in scratching? Apart from scratch he plays techno gigs and earns ?1000 and more per a gig. So

Do you play any of your music for your son?

Yulia doesn't allow me. Makar listens mostly to classical music but I play sometimes though - he likes it a lot. He gets excited with Danny Tinaglia's music: gives up everything and runs to press buttons to turn up the volume. He already understands techniques, knows what to press. In fact, all my nephews love the music I play. They call it 'Music for Robots'.

interviewed by L. Grin